Dubrovnik with Kids: Top Activities for Families

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When researching a holiday in the south of Croatia, specifically in Dubrovnik, there is lots of information available on exciting trips, romantic dinners and centuries old buildings. However, the city is also a great location for families! Don’t worry, taking a holiday with your kids in Dubrovnik can be quite exciting. There are plenty of kids activities available in Dubrovnik that can make it a holiday to remember both for parents and children So, don’t ignore the Dubrovnik region for family holidays!
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Step into the Dubrovnik Aquarium

Child in an Aquarium

Child in an Aquarium

Generally, one can’t help to not be fascinated with the flamboyant and unique underwater world. When visiting Dubrovnik with kids, visit the Dubrovnik Aquarium!

You can explore first-hand the plentiful Adriatic Sea flora and fauna. Thirty-one aquarium tanks with fresh sea water are dug in the stone-paved floor and present a home to magnificent creatures. Apart from various fish, turtles and eels, one can look for creatures taking shelter in the surrounding rocks and plants. Kids can meet magical sea creatures like sea horses, colorful lobsters, eye-catching scorpion fish and much more.

Seahorse duo in Dubrovnik Aquarium

Seahorse duo in Dubrovnik Aquarium

Interested in the diverse flora? Explore interestingly-shaped sea sponges of various colors, corals in the shape of bushes or live rocks and compelling spirographis resembling little sea palm trees. Moreover, you are sure to meet cute species like starfish, sea urchins, sea cucumber, conches, shells and crabs.

Starfish in an Aquarium

Starfish in an Aquarium

To conclude, be sure to visit the special underwater world in the Dubrovnik Aquarium. The whole family will enjoy it!

Sail Away on a Karaka ship

Cruise from Dubrovnik to the Elaphiti archipelago

The Island of Koločep – Elaphiti archipelago

For an enjoyable experience for the whole family, go on a Karaka cruise around the mesmerizing Elaphiti archipelago! By way of explanation, the Karaka ship is a reproduction of a classic 15th-century sailing ship from Dubrovnik. In other words, in children’s eyes, it looks fairly similar to a real-life pirate ship! Spend the day touring the islands and soaking in the untamed environment, crystal-clear waters and hidden beaches.

Traditional Karaka sailing ship in front of Dubrovnik Old Town

Traditional Karaka sailing ship in front of Dubrovnik Old Town

You will go island hopping! Firstly, visit Koločep island and enjoy island sightseeing and free time. Then, board the boat and sail to Šipan for some more island-exploring. In the end, wander around Lopud and its natural beauties.

You will surely have time on the islands to dive into the blue waters around the archipelago! Apart from basking in the sun and refreshing in the sea, the children are sure to enjoy the ship on its own. To conclude, everyone will be entertained on a pirate ship cruise!

Go Horse Riding in Konavle

Horse back riding excursion

Horse in the area of Dubrovnik

If your child is an animal lover, recreational horseback riding is a great choice! In the event that your children are above the age of 16, you can go on a unique family trip! In short, exploring the villages close to Dubrovnik and experiencing the enchantment of Konavle Field will be a truly remarkable experience. Your breath will be presently taken away as you ride down the trail surrounded by olive trees, pine forests and the breathtaking scenery of the Konavle region.

Plains of Konavle Region

Plains of Konavle Region

Obviously, the mere chance of spending the day riding a magnificent animal like a horse is an experience in itself. Furthermore, factor in the Mediterranean landscape all around and you are in for a treat!

All things considered, the untouched terrain, the aromatic air and the sight of the sun gleaming on the Adriatic sea makes you think you are in a movie. In short, savor the sensation of being in total harmony with nature!

Hop on a Buggy Ride

Quad Ride In Konavle, Croatia

Quad Ride

For an adrenaline rush, try ATV-Quad Safari in Konavle! This region south of Dubrovnik offers exploring and riding on four completely different off-road terrains. You will cross the Ljuta river for some splashing moments and explore the green plains of Konavle. Furthermore, you will roam around the marshland and breathe in the coast beneath Konavle cliffs.

Day trip to Konavle region

Landscape of Konavle Region

This day trip is both exciting and rewarding! In other words, you will enjoy nature and experience an adventure. Perfect for exploring the area of Dubrovnik with kids in a different way! However, do keep in mind that this is appropriate for children above the age of 10. Also, minors can ride in the vehicle only as passengers. Of course, safety equipment, such as helmets and goggles, is included. Make your holiday adventurous!

Visit Maro World

Valamar's Maro Club for children

Maro Mini club in Valamar hotels

Above all, you want to relax on your holiday. A great option Valamar hotels in Dubrovnik offer for children is the lively Maro World! While being supervised by our experienced staff, children can enjoy various entertainment facilities and activities. For example, there are areas such as Maro Club, Maro Smart Play, Maro Softplay Zone, Maro Theatre and more.

Maro Smart Play in Valamar hotels

Maro Smart Play in Valamar hotels

These facilities feature creative play areas and playrooms, with science and technology exploring options, as well as gaming consoles, a variety of game lounges and entertainment programs. A 270 m2 amusement park with an outdoor trampoline and adrenaline zone is also available for kids of all ages!

Outdoor trampoline at Maro World

Maro World outdoor trampoline zone

You can unwind while the kids are having the time of their lives. Revel in lavish restaurants, bars and pool bars. In addition, explore indoor and outdoor remodeled pools, spas and complimentary access to the Valamar wellness program!

A couple dining in Dubrovnik

Restaurant in Dubrovnik President Valamar Collection Hotel

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