Dubrovnik Guide: Local Tips from Your Hosts

Surrounded by the beautiful blue sea and boasting of the most days of sunlight in the region, as well as a rich cultural heritage, Dubrovnik is the perfect location for your next holiday.

There is more to Dubrovnik than just the Stradun. It is a city dotted with alleys that lead to the most romantic cafés where you can sip coffee for two hours and not have a single care in the world. Except, perhaps, where to go and what to do next! Here’s some help with that from our local hosts.

Mount Srđ

The view from Mount Srđ is beyond amazing and it will be worth every second of your time. It is best that you reach the mountain from the city via the cable car and then have a drink or something to eat while gazing upon stunning Dubrovnik and its surroundings. Just remember, prepare to be left breathless.

LOCAL TIP: Descend the mountain on foot in order to take in all the fragrances of the Dubrovnik region and explore the narrow paths – as well as enjoy the view for even longer.

Dubrovnik Walls

The old town of Dubrovnik is entirely enclosed with centuries-old walls and thus protected by UNESCO. Recharge your cell phones because once you climb its walls you’ll want to capture the entire length of the 2 km-long trail with your camera. Why not even make a timelapse of your walk to share the whole experience with your friends?

LOCAL TIP: During summer days, hit the walls early in the morning to avoid the crowds and hot weather. Or come to the city during spring or autumn.

Open-air Market

You can buy fresh produce from the locals every day and have a cup of coffee at one of the small cafés on the edges of the market while reading the newspaper as the vendors bargain with their customers in the background. If that’s not a real taste of the authentic local atmosphere, then we don’t know what is.

LOCAL TIP: Come to the market early in the morning to grab the freshest produce and make sure you have a mid-morning snack – we guarantee that you won’t find tastier fish or vegetables anywhere else.

Friars Minor Pharmacy

This is one of the three oldest pharmacies in Europe and has operated continuously since 1317. It also includes a medicinal garden where medicinal herbs, such as mint, rosemary and sage, are grown to make creams and oils for the pharmacy.

LOCAL TIP: Make sure you buy their hand-made rose cream which has even been featured in Vogue magazine.

Šulić Beach

This rocky beach with a pebbly entrance is located near the old town in Pile and is truly lovely. It is an excellent place to cool off from the summer heat.

LOCAL TIP: Rent kayaks at the beach, take a tour of Dubrovnik from the outside and enjoy the sunset – with no one else but you, the sea and the sun.

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