Double ‘O’ G&T: An Irresistible Valamar Cocktail You Can Make at Home

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Valamar’s masters whispered a proven cocktail recipe to us that you can easily try at home. Get ready for some real hedonism in a glass!
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His Bubbly Majesty we are about to present to you today is called Double ‘O’ G&T. Why exactly? The initial letters “O” in its name indicate the abbreviation for “Organic Oranges”, that is, the cocktail is named after the bitter oranges organically grown in Valamar’s gardens. Orange blends in perfectly with fresh and herbal gin notes in cocktails, and along with tonic, it simply “explodes” in the taste itself.

Valamar Cocktail

Congratulations! You guessed the key ingredient of our cocktail, but still, it is used in a slightly different form. In fact, according to the original recipe, you put a special bitter orange marmalade in the Double ‘O’ G&T, which is designed by Valamar’s bar associate Zoran Lukić and prepared by the chef of the Argosy hotel Darijo Milanović.

Of course, for this home preparation, feel free to experiment with the orange marmalades you already have on your kitchen shelf. Can’t wait to see that recipe at last? Here we go…

What you need:


Bitter orange marmalade



Orange peel


Valamar Cocktail Preparation

How to make the cocktail:

Put 4 cl of gin and 2 teaspoons of bitter orange marmalade (or a substitute you have on hand) in a wine glass. Gently stir the ingredients until they are nicely mixed together, then add ¾ of a cup of ice and pour the tonic. The citrus notes of orange peel, which you can squeeze over the drink, go very well with the marmalade.

Finally, throw in a sprig of rosemary as a fragrant decoration. Et voilà, your cocktail is ready!

Valamar Cocktail Double O


And one final tip

Drink you Double ‘O’ G&T without a straw to fully experience those rich aromas in your new favourite drink. Indulge in the taste and in the moment, and enjoy it just like you would if you were at Valamar!

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