Diego Benaglio, Monaco football star from Switzerland is staying in Valamar Collection Marea Suites 5*, Poreč

Diego Benaglio, the famous Monaco goalkeeper from Switzerland,and his family spent their holidays at the Valamar Collection Marea Suites 5 * in Poreč – we asked him about his holidays.

Have you already been on holiday in Poreč?

No, this is our first time in Poreč. My wife has family here, so we decided to come, explore the region and spend time with the family.  We have been to Rabac and liked it very much, so we decided to come again since Croatia has beautiful weather, nature and food and the people here are very kind.  We decided to come again because we had such a great time in Croatia but also because of the kids so they can spend time with their cousins. This is the perfect holiday for us. 

You are currently staying in Valamar Collection Marea Suites 5 *, how do you like it here and what would you single out as especially satisfying?

We have everything we need here, the beach is beautiful, the sea is wonderful, the hotel is perfect. We are overjoyed with our holidays. It is difficult to choose something specific because everything is perfect, starting from the rooms that are always clean and tidy, a perfectly varied buffet, and a great offer of activities for children. I really don’t know what to single out as there is nothing we don’t like about Valamar.

You have certainly noticed our V Health & Safety program. Are you satisfied with the quality and do you feel safe?

I think that the Health & Safety program is very well implemented. You can see a very big difference here in the hotel compared to other places where the mask is worn under the nose or chin. Here at the hotel, the staff strictly follows the rules and wears their masks correctly, the prescribed social distance at the buffet is maintained, and guests do not take meals themselves – I think the concept is very successful and the staff adheres to it. Health & Safety rules do not interfere with the guest’s holiday experience. 

Would you recommend our hotel to your friends, colleagues and family?

Certainly, this is the perfect place for families with kids; you have everything you wish for. I would recommend you to anyone and would gladly tell him or her more about the Valamar Collection Marea Suites. When you have kids, you know exactly what they want and I think this hotel tends to their needs. 

Will you visit us again?

Of course, as I said before, our holidays are perfect and we don’t have a single complaint. When someone likes a place so much, why not come again ?

Tell us something about your football career – have you dreamed of becoming a footballer when you were a child? 

I think I was like all the boys, who dream of a football career when they train football. I was lucky enough to be able to realize that dream, of course with a lot of work and sacrifice, but I am very happy that I managed to make that dream come true.

Who are your role models in football?

I didn’t have a typical idol but I always watched and learned from other goalkeepers. I think you can learn a lot that way, by watching others. 

When you are not working or on holiday, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I love playing tennis. I don’t have time to focus as much on tennis because of football, but I love to spend as much time as I can on the tennis court in my spare time. Actually, as a kid, I started playing tennis and then moved on to football. That is why tennis is a passion of mine.

Then you have surely tried out our tennis courts. How were they?

Outstanding !

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