Amazing Day Trips from Dubrovnik You Can’t Miss!

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Planning to spend your holiday in Dubrovnik? Lucky you! Inhale the intoxicating atmosphere of the Croatian south and the city’s rich history. However, do not miss the chance to explore some of the other gems this region has to offer. We bring you a short summary of one-of-a-kind places to add to your bucket list!
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Savor the Wonders of the Pelješac Peninsula

Luckily, there are many stunning day trips from Dubrovnik worth exploring. To sample a different side of Croatia’s south, we recommend visiting the wonderful Pelješac peninsula full of wineyards, oysters and scenic views. 

First stop – Ston and Mali Ston! Generally, Ston is known for a couple of things, one of which is the oldest saltern in Europe laid out by the Romans. The salt is still collected from the traditional salt production! Furthermore, there is the second-longest fortification wall in the world. It is second only to the Great Wall of China! There are 40 towers and five fortifications along the 5 km-long walls.

A day trip to the salt fields in Ston

Salt fields in front of Ston and the fortification wall

The fortification wall connects Ston and Mali Ston – a place known for some of the greatest seafood in the area. Specifically, we primarily mean oysters (a well-known natural aphrodisiac). Above all, the bay of Mali Ston boasts a special combination of freshwater and seawater. This crucial element distinguishes their oysters from others in the globe. Chiefly, oysters are usually eaten raw, with just a drop of lemon and a piece of bread. Hence – you have to try it!

Fine dining with fresh oysters

Fresh oysters in Ston

Tip: take your time in Ston and Mali Ston – it is an area well-worth exploring. One of the best day trips from Dubrovnik you can take!

Drink up Pelješac – the famous wine region

Apart from the seafood, Pelješac is known as a wine region and boasts one-of-a-kind wine sorts. Unquestionably, it produces some of Croatia’s well-known wines, most notably the red Postup and Dingac appellation wines made with Plavac Mali.

Wine region tour in Peljesac

Vineyards on Pelješac

The greenery enveloping the hills stretching above the Adriatic sea provides both a view to remember and a place ideal for vine cultivation. Therefore, do not miss wineries scattered around Pelješac and delectable wine tastings. Undeniably, you’re in for a treat!

Tip: If you want to soak up the beauty of this Mediterranean gem to the fullest, consider taking a private tour of Pelješac!

Explore the Island of Korčula – ‘Little Dubrovnik’

The town of Korčula - little Dubrovnik

The town of Korčula

Fun fact – there is an enchanting island in the Adriatic nicknamed ‘little Dubrovnik’! Korčula is a charming medieval walled city on the island bearing the same name. Indeed, the combination of beautiful crystal-clear water and stone buildings stacked upon each other make it a sight to remember.

Sea front in Korcula

Crystal-blue waters in Front of the Town of Korčula

Rumor has it that Korčula was even the birthplace of Marco Polo, the world explorer! Surely, it is a place full of historical and cultural heritage, along with beautiful beaches scattered around. Finally, combined with island vibes, aromas of fresh fish from the grill and exquisite flavors of indigenous wines, it is simply a dream come true.

Tip: You can reach Korčula by taking a ferry in Orebić, a cute town on Pelješac. It means you can pass through Pelješac and explore both the peninsula and the island of Korčula!

Travel to Oriental Mostar

Just two hours away from Dubrovnik, there’s Mostar – a quaint little town in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located in a picturesque valley surrounded by mountains. Firstly, one is simply impressed by the city’s history.  Secondly, natural splendor and the turquoise river Neretva water flowing beneath its well-known bridge – Stari Most Bridge, a UNESCO World Heritage Site simply amaze.

Visit Mostar from Dubrovnik

View of Mostar in the Picturesque Valley Surrounded by Mountains

Visiting Mostar is like taking a live history lesson. In fact, it has been unofficially divided between Bosnians and Croats and had a turbulent, touching history. In summary, Mostar offers an insight into the oriental side and makes the trip even more special that one would expect.

Scenery in Mostar

Stari Most Bridge in Mostar

Tip: If you are interested to delve into the nature beauties of Bosnia and Herzegovina, consider visiting the wonderful Kravice waterfall!

Cross Into the Country of Montenegro

After just an hour’s car drive from Dubrovnik, you’ll cross the border into Montenegro. Undeniably, this small coastal country offers a day to remember!

To seize the day, cruise around the bay of Kotor! Firstly, stop in peaceful Perast and explore the promenade and intimate harbor.

Cross into Motenegro from Dubrovnik

Perast promenade

After that, jump on a boat for a quick 15-minute ride to reach the only artificial island in the Adriatic, Gospa od Škrpjela (Our Lady of the Rocks).

Our Lady of the Rocks artificial island

Our Lady of the Rocks artificial island

After Perast, continue going south. In just 20-minute drive you will reach the medieval city of Kotor, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Roam around the intricate network of cobblestone streets, stone churches and picturesque homes. By all means, you will enjoy!

Old Town of Kotor

Old Town of Kotor

Kotor is surrounded by a defensive wall and set against a backdrop of imposing mountains. The city walls of Kotor, which stretch for more than four kilometers, lead up to the castle of Saint Ivan. It certainly is a great opportunity to see the Bay of Kotor from above!

Medieval city walls of Kotor and the Bay of Kotor

Medieval city walls of Kotor and the Bay of Kotor

Tip: Feel free to throw the summer party capital Budva it in the mix! Check out the Pearls of Montenegro trip and enjoy one of the best day trips from Dubrovnik!

Budva Old town

Budva Old town

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