Why Croatia Makes an Ideal Destination for a Summer Vacation

There are few destinations like Croatia that hide so much diversity and stunning beauty in a relatively small area…

From serene Pannonian lowlands to mythical Dinarid heights, from prehistoric excavations from the dawn of civilization to the city bustle of the 21st century, from magnificent national parks to the cultural heritage, watched over by UNESCO, Croatian tourist trump cards are numerous and beautiful, and the winning among them is certainly the coast of the Adriatic Sea with more than a thousand islands. Why is the Croatian Adriatic an ideal destination for a summer vacation? There are too many reasons, so let’s start at once!

Untouched nature, clean sea and beautiful beaches

In the present times, which inexorably remind us of the importance of environmental protection, it is nice to know that there is an affordable destination with a pristine, crystal blue sea and beautiful beaches. From Poreč in the north to Dubrovnik in the extreme south of the Adriatic, the coast abounds with beaches where the Blue Flag, proof of impeccable cleanliness, is cheerfully flying in the air.

Croatian beach

Pebble, sandy, stone or rocky beaches, the choice is incredibly diverse. On the island of Rab you can enjoy the magnificent Paradise Beach in Lopar, but also isolate yourself in the mysteriously secluded bay of Kandarola, where once Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson lived their happiest days.

Croatian beach

The Perfect Car Destination

On the mainland and close to Rab, there is also charming Rabac, from where you can start your Istrian adventure, but also embark on a Kvarnerian one. Everything is so close, and so beautiful—this is Croatia! Indeed, Europeans adore it because they can come by car in no time. For people who come from far away, Croatia is ideal for discovering Europe because, for example, from Poreč you can be very quickly in Italy, Austria and Slovenia, from Makarska you only have to conquer the mountain Biokovo and you are already in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and from Dubrovnik the roads lead you to Montenegro, Albania or even Greece. And within the superbly connected Croatia, of course, everything is in the palm of your hand so that, no matter how many days you spend, none of them will be boring!

Croatia car destination

Amazing Views

So many panoramas, so little time! In Dubrovnik, you will rest your eyes over the emerald Elafiti Islands in the immediate vicinity. The view from the Makarska beaches is perhaps the most dramatic because on the north side hang the cliffs of Biokovo and on the south side you are tempted by the irresistible island of Hvar, while from Hvar you have the view of the Paklinski islands and their pebble and rocky bays which take away every reason for feeling stressed.

Croatian view

In Baška, in the southern part of the largest Croatian island of Krk, you will be delighted by the view of the bare rocks of the island of Prvić and the peaks of the Velebit mountain in the distance. From Rabac you can wave to Krk and Rab and other Kvarnerian islands, and from Poreč you can wave only once, but believe me, only its spectacular sunsets outshine the view of the islet of St Nicholas! Where do you want to do your first Adriatic selfie?

Croatian view

Invaluable cultural heritage

When visiting Poreč, we are sure that you will be enchanted by the 6th-century Euphrasian Basilica, the most beautiful monument of early Byzantine art in the Mediterranean, which is rightfully under the protection of UNESCO, just like the medieval city of Dubrovnik, whose proud beauty needs no mention.

Croatian cultural heritage

However, Dubrovnik is not only a historical gem, but also a magnificent monument to the pop culture phenomenon, because you can see its outlines in planetary popular franchises such as Star Wars, James Bond and Game of Thrones. But it would still be so much nicer to see it in person, wouldn’t it?

Croatian cultural heritage

You know you want to, so choose this summer the ideal destination for your dream holiday. Welcome to Croatia!

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