Colorful Croatia’s Traditions: Easter Edition

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From decorating Easter eggs in cute little workshops to traditional ceremonies and village-wide events – when you spend Easter at the coast of Croatia, you are in for immersing in the tradition, culture and the pure nature of slow life.
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Long warm days full of sunshine and the gleaming sea beckon to spend time outside. Mingle around old towns, explore pop-up handcrafts markets and take part in local workshops during Eastertime!  

Colorful Croatia’s Traditions: Easter Edition

Springtime in Croatia

Be a Part of Ceremonies  

Palm Sunday presents a beautiful custom in some Dalmatian regions – including the area of Dubrovnik. In Croatia, that day is called Cvjetna nedjelja – which translates to ‘Flower Sunday. In line with that, there is a custom of washing one’s face in a huge bowl of water enriched with petals of different spring flowersall handpicked in the local area 

Colorful Croatia’s Traditions: Easter Edition

Bowl with flower petals for face-washing

If spending the Easter weekend in Istria in Poreč, join the activities on the main square. Explore the traditional Istrian products fare, Easter workshops for children, try local-made frittata and wine on Easter. Cherry on top – live musical evenings throughout the weekend!

Colorful Croatia’s Traditions: Easter Edition

Sunset in Poreč

Make your own ‘Pisanica 

Colorful Croatia’s Traditions: Easter Edition

Decorating an Easter egg with wax

As expected, Easter traditions include Easter eggs – ‘pisanice’ in Croatian. There is a number of different ways to decorate them. For example, felting with wool from local-grown sheep, decorating with wax or using natural coloring for eggs and making patters with hand-picked flowers. 

One can get different natural colors by using fruits and vegetables. To do that, eggs are cooked in a pot of steaming water along with various groceries. The amount of the product determines the intensity of the color – onion skins for red or brown, red cabbage for purple, parsley for green, turmeric for yellow and so on.  

Colorful Croatia’s Traditions: Easter Edition

Easter egg basket

If you want to have a try at it, join free Easter egg felting and painting workshops in the town of Krk throughout March and April! 

Visit the Wine Festival in Gračišće on Easter Monday 

Colorful Croatia’s Traditions: Easter Edition

The town of Gračišće in Istria

What do you say about spending the Easter Monday roaming the streets of medieval Gračišće in Central Istria while tasting local wines from small wine cellars? 

 The annual Wine Festival starts in the morning and encompasses the whole town. When entering, you can buy a wine glass which you carry in a small pouch around your neck. Your only task of the day is to bounce from cellar to cellar and sample rich local wines, as many times as you want! Apart from quality wine, enjoy some delicious traditional food (Istrian prosciutto, truffles, and cheeses) and local music. In short – you are in for a treat!  

Colorful Croatia’s Traditions: Easter Edition

Local Istrian food and wine

Final tip:  

Don’t miss out on trying the Easter brunch across restaurants in Croatia offering traditional Easter dishes – ham baked in bread, spring onions, cheeses, horseradish and the unavoidable pinca – Easter sweet cheese desert cake. 

Explore Valamar accommodation facilities along the coast of Croatia and pick your ideal destination for experiencing Easter in Croatia! 

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