Best Lifestyle Hotels on the Adriatic Coast

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Looking for a holiday without alarms or thinking about the working hours of restaurants and serving time for breakfast? We found the best summer locations in which you can find the secrets of the highly regarded Mediterranean lifestyle.
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Aiming for an authentic experience of stay and pushing the boundaries of the traditional concept of hospitality, Valamar has launched a new lifestyle brand called [PLACES] by Valamar. Within this brand, we found the perfect laid-back, local summer holiday vibes in [PLACES] hotels in Makarska and on the island of Hvar.

We are going to show you how these hotels are different from every single hotel you’ve been to and how your next holiday can be lots of fun…

sea view


Grab your spot in the sun for bundles of fun. Both [PLACES] hotels are located right next to pebbly beaches with amazing crystal-clear sea. In the morning, after a really good sleep on the amazing 5* beds we recommend you a good swim in the sea right before breakfast, as there’s no better way to start the day! Or maybe there is, because the breakfast area is just by the pool with an amazing view of the Adriatic Sea, and serves champagne, oysters and amazing coffee until 11 a.m.!

your place in the sun - pool


Lift your spirits and refresh thanks to vitamin sea. Nothing recharges your batteries like activities and fun by the sea. You can find sports & games galore, pool parties, outdoor thrills, all paired with heaps of fun. We recommend you to get out on a SUP board or kayak in Makarska, and see the amazing 50 shades of blue water and Biokovo mountain from a whole different point of view.

Hvar SUP

On the island of Hvar you can find many boat, cycling or walking tours, and you can combine them with local wine tastings – the red wines there are just special! But you don’t need to google much what to do in these locations, because you can find true destination insiders working in the hotels who will share with you the best tips & picks.

People on Hvar beach


Did you know that the Mediterranean diet is on the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage? In [PLACESHOTEL] restaurants and bars, meals and refreshments prepared with local Mediterranean ingredients are available to you at any time of the day. The best part is that with the accommodation you get free buffet breakfast and €25 daily credit on your wristband that you can use for food and drinks in the restaurant and bars open 24/7. If you don’t spend your daily credit in one day, the remaining amount is rolled over to the next day.

Dalmacija restaurant

That’s a great opportunity to try olive oil, wild herbs, Mediterranean spices, wine, cocktails and an abundance of seafood specialities.

table with sea view


After a full day of fun by the sea, there is an amazing after beach atmosphere waiting for you at the hotel pools. PLACES pools are just the best place to be this summer! You can sip on tasty cocktails and dance to the rhythms of world-famous DJ artists with the cool Sounds of Places – a unique music concept.

Hvar - people in pool

Instead of buying an entrance ticket, book a room at [PLACES] hotels and spend a totally cool summer soaking up the fantastic Adriatic atmosphere. You can check the music programme here.

For complete relaxation, you can also choose a regenerating treatment in the Outdoor Sun & Spa wellness corner. When you just want to enjoy yourself without any special activities or commitment, chill on the sun loungers by the pool and try the signature cocktails and refreshing drinks from the [PLACESBAR]. P.S. The Giardini and Pharmacy Fizz are a must try!

Hvar Hotel Magico Disco

What do you think about this kind of holiday? Is it already your next PLACE to be this summer? Get your groove on here

The Adriatic coast is so special that Makarska and the island of Hvar have their very own speech. Here are some common greetings and “local lingo”:

  • Dobro jutro! Dobra večer! – Good morning! Good evening!
  • Živili! – Cheers!
  • fjaka – Dalmatia’s unique state of mind, zen-like state
  • pomalo – don’t rush, take it easy
  • ko ovo more platit – this is priceless

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