About Camping: Why We Love It So Much

Indeed – why do we like camping so much? Here are a few (inspiring) answers to this important question.

We hope that the following lines will bring a smile to your face and remind you of some of the most beautiful, fun and interesting memories you have and motivate you to create similar new ones or even better ones.


Home is where your pitch is

That feeling when you wake up on the first morning of your holiday, poke your head out of the tent and feel the morning sun on your face. That feeling when you breathe in the fresh morning air that fills your lungs with freshness and your heart with warmth. That feeling when you know that your home is exactly where it needs to be at this moment. This feeling is so easy to evoke when you’re on a grassy square of peace that is only yours!


Time camping isn’t time spent

The best investment you can make is a travel investment that will enrich you with new experiences. It’s amazing how much we can learn while camping. About ourselves, about our limits, about our life, about the world that surrounds us… And by simply observing nature and everything it gives us. Camping will bring you some new experiences, insights and discoveries. What’s more, it’s never too late to start enjoying this type of holiday!


I Googled my symptoms… turned out I just need to go camping

Stress is one of the most common “diseases” today, and the best cure for stress is a holiday in nature. At camping, that word, which we don’t even like to say here, doesn’t seem to exist. The simplicity of life and the physical and mental relaxation that are inevitable in this environment do not allow any worries to burden your thoughts. Indulge in walks by the sea, a meditation in nature, recreational activities, enjoying the fresh air and the view of the magnificent sunset. Just relax!


Live, love, laugh, camp

It’s best to live in the moment, to love always and forever and to gather as many smiles as possible through life. Camping is all that, unforgettable moments from which the best lifetime memories emerge. Love of nature and life and laughing, either while you’re clumsily trying to set up a tent or when you realize how it’s still possible to get a good night’s sleep even without your beloved bed. Or no real bed at all!


I Do Have A Retirement Plan … I Plan On Camping

Camping is your second life in which you travel together with your home wherever you want and explore the world that gives so many wonderful experiences. And that is the reward you deserve after all the challenges of everyday life that you have successfully overcome. New places, people, adventures and discoveries are waiting for you on your camping trip, and all this will make you feel like you used to. As a playful, curious child who knows very well that something interesting and exciting awaits him around every corner. The world is yours, just reach for it.


A bad day camping is still better than a good day working

Bad day camping? Um, here’s what it usually looks like … It’s raining, and you’re lying relaxed in your little mobile home reading your favourite book all afternoon. The day is hot, summer temperatures are at their peak so you have to walk to the nearby beach to find refreshment in the clear, blue sea. Your lunch has burned out, so you decide to treat yourself to ice cream or stop by a nearby restaurant that offers irresistible seafood delicacies. In fact, when you take a closer look, no camping situation is that bad after all, right?


So, have you already started preparing for your new camping adventure?


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