7 Tips to Spend Less and Enjoy More in Croatia!

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Thanks to its fairy-tale beaches, natural beauties, UNESCO-protected monuments and great cuisine, Croatia is one of the most popular destinations of the world’s globetrotters. But how can you plan a fantastic vacation in Croatia without spending a lot of money? We bring you 7 golden tips to help you.
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TIP #1: Take advantage of everything included in the price of accommodation.

You want to relax on your vacation and spend less? In Valamar’s hotels, resorts and camping resorts, this is possible thanks to the many facilities available to you completely free of charge. Relax by the pool or on the beach. Run by the sea. Work out in the hotel gym or outdoors, while the children enjoy the great Maro children’s playrooms under the animators’ watchful eye. Have fun with plenty of activities during the day or in the evening. Take advantage of the Dine Around service to enjoy Valamar’s and selected local restaurants with a special discount during your holiday. Before travelling, find out on our website what you can do for no extra charge and plan your dream vacation.

TIP #2: Drink tap water.

Did you know that Croatia is one of the few countries in the world that is rich in quality water for supplying its residents? Water is also a significant natural resource that Croatia is proud of. Here you can safely consume tap water that is far better and healthier than what you normally buy in the store.

TIP #3: Enjoy natural and cultural attractions (almost) for free.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy the natural and historical attractions of Croatia. Magical old towns, churches and beautiful beaches offer free admission, and many other attractions have quite a reasonable price. If you want to explore for yourself, download one of the free applications, such as the  Guide2 Dubrovnik, Pula + heritage tour or Hvar Guide and start discovering. For example, in Dubrovnik, you can see the Pile Gate, the St. Lawrence Fortress with a beautiful view from a 37 m high cliff, the Rector’s Palace and sacral monuments such as the Church of St. Ignatius with its famous staircase and the church of St. Dominic, without taking your wallet out of your pocket.


TIP #4: Act like a local.

Long coffee and chatting in cafes, brunch at a local bistro, buying fresh fish and groceries at the market, picking grapes and olives, fishing… all of this defines life in the lovely little places on the Adriatic coast. If you want to live your vacation like a local, let yourself go and enjoy “fjaka”, the Mediterranean state of mind. Enjoy your day completely relaxed and try the local food at places where the locals hang out (e.g. the Glorijet bistro in Dubrovnik, the More tavern in Pula, L’artigiano in Poreč or the Rab tavern on the island of Rab). Join one of the organized olive or grape harvests. We are sure that you will be rewarded with a quality bottle of oil or wine and an experience that will stay with you for a long time. Also, your wallet will be more than grateful to you.


TIP #5: Experience Croatia outside the tourist season.

We all know that summer is the most beautiful of the seasons in Croatia. But you will be surprised how much you can find in Croatia during the spring or fall, for much less of your hard-earned money. In the spring, when nature wakes up, or in the fall when everything is painted in gold and copper, the cities are far calmer and the nature trails are the places to be. Here you will find some less publicized but excellent winemakers (e.g. the Baćac family wine cellar in eastern Istria) and local taverns offering home-grown asparagus and mushroom-based dishes, as well as other seasonal foods. Relax in wellness centres, be a part of gourmet events such as Vinistra in Poreč, the Krk Food Fest or Dubrovnik’s FestiWine. Come to the Baška Outdoor Festival or one of the bike tours and experience the full range of this country’s beauty.


TIP #6: Festivity, entertainment, culture and free admission.

Whether you like to explore the culinary tradition or dance to the notes of traditional Croatian music, you will find an event for yourself on our coast. And best of all, you won’t have to pay for the ticket. An excellent sense of tradition, culture and entertainment transforms a holiday in Croatia into a unique experience. Don’t miss it! Browse event calendars and find something for yourself.

Events in Istria
Events on the island of Krk
Events on the island of Rab
Events on the island of Hvar
Events in Dubrovnik
Events in Makarska

TIP #7: Book accommodation at a better price.

Let your vacation in Croatia begin by choosing simple, practical and affordable accommodation in one of the great locations by the sea. Sunny by Valamar hotels, resorts and camping resorts are a smart choice for everyone looking for simple accommodation and the pristine pleasure of relaxing on the beach. If you want to go a step further, choose Sunny Plus, which allows you to set up the vacation at your own pace – with relaxation in the pool, fun in the Chill & Play area and flexible time to enjoy breakfast or lunch with the scents and flavours of the Mediterranean.

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