5 Tricks to Get Teenagers to Spend Their Holidays with Their Family

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It was so easy with them as kids, most parents will conclude the moment their youngest and cutest step into the teenage phase. Once dear and obedient children are now either too rebellious or completely apathetic to be persuaded to do anything, let alone take a vacation together with Mom and Dad. When nothing else works, resort to tricks! Some of these suggestions will certainly work…
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Lanterna Premium Camping Teens Club1. A New Company Awaits Them There…

Teenagers often look forward to the opportunity to meet their peers who do not know them, so they can be exactly what they want to be, cool and popular, serious and politically aware, hardened alternative kids, sports fanatics, walking encyclopedias, musical geniuses, self-proclaimed Casanovas… In almost all Valamar hotels and resorts there are great special spaces and programs for teenagers, so they can always find new friends with interests that mirror their own, and some may even meet their first love in the Teen Lounge. They don’t know until they try, do they?

Girandella Resort_Teens Club

2. Video Games with No Time Limit…

If you want to have a vacation without too much teenage complaining, and you know you do, let them play video games as much as they like for a week or two. You don’t have to worry about them spending their summer vacation indoors because most of Valamar’s resorts have dedicated (and, don’t worry, well supervised) venues for playing video games, and we often organize gaming tournaments, so your teenagers can finally get a chance to prove how good they are and not waste their time.

Istra Premium Camping Resort Teen Hangout Zone

3. A Multitude of New Skills and Sports…

On a joint vacation, your teens will be able to, for example, ride a jet ski, discover parasailing, scuba dive, fall in love with windsurfing, tame waves with their surf boards, and master a range of other skills that will look sensational on Instagram or TikTok, and make them the main stars at school.

Girandella Resort_Teens ClubValamar’s facilities also feature beach volleyball, ping-pong and badminton tournaments, and if you choose family camping at Lanterna Premium Camping Resort, your teens can even enjoy a go-cart chase. Of course, accompanied by their parents, but maybe they don’t have to find that out before arriving at the destination…

Girandella Resort Teens Club

4. Aquaparks Full of Excitement…

If Istria is your summer residence, be sure to promise your teenagers an excursion to one of the two magnificent Istrian aquaparks. Istralandia in the hinterland of Novigrad has taken the title of the third best aquapark in Europe, and will delight them with the largest wave pool of our continent, exciting slides and many attractions, such as Space Combo, Space Rocket and Bunga Hole. Aquacolors Poreč is the largest Croatian aquapark, with more than 100,000 square meter surface area, where they can find as many as 12 slides with a length of more than a kilometer, and some of them are true adrenaline challenges that teenagers crave. There is also a special attraction in the form of the biggest swim-up bar in this part of Europe, where your teenagers will surely have great fun and company!


5. Discovering New Flavors…

In teenage years, taste buds are slowly maturing, so kids often want to experiment with food, and rebellious as they are, sometimes they ungratefully run from their mother’s kitchen. Vacation is an ideal opportunity for them to develop their taste, try some new specialties, change their eating habits and finally start to eat “as adults”. If you take them to the Bokun tavern within Istra Premium Camping Resort, La Pentola trattoria in Rabac, Poreč and Makarska, or to one of the great Dubrovnik restaurants, you will provide them with a first-class gourmet experience, and they will surprise you with their newly reached maturity.

Teenagers can be a very demanding audience, especially to their own parents. So, when choosing your summer destination, explore all the attractions and experiences you can offer them and listen to their wishes in order to organize a vacation that they will always remember, and to get the peace and tranquility that you so much deserve!

Poreč Beaches

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