10 Beaches on the Adriatic Coast That You May Not Have Visited Yet (And You Should!)

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There is no shortage of beautiful beaches on the Croatian Adriatic, but how to find the right one for you? You have already heard of the most popular ones and probably even visited them, so we present to you 10 slightly less popular beaches that you should definitely explore. Preferably, already this summer!
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1. Cape Kamenjak, Istria

Cape Kamenjak is a protected nature area in the far south of the Istrian peninsula and a true paradise for lovers of adventure holidays who can infinitely explore its beauty and magical rocky bays with a view of the blue infinity. Arm yourself with water and sunscreen, as you will not find a lot of accompanying facilities here, but in exchange you will enjoy the primal feeling of complete freedom, perfectly united with nature, whose beauty is awe-inspiring and breathtaking.

Cape Kamenjak, Istria

2. Brseč, Istria

Brseč, a medieval town about 20 kilometers from Opatija, at the very beginning of the Istrian peninsula, boasts a glorious history, but also one of the most beautiful beaches, which is simply impossible not to fall in love with. Dramatically located under the Brseč cliffs, it amazes you at first glance from above with its radiant virgin whiteness. If you descend to it—and you really must—you will be delighted by its rocks on which the local women used to do laundry, stone slabs on which you will rest from all the worries of this world, and, of course, a perfectly clean sea.

Brseč, Istria

3. Koversada, Istria

Lovers of complete connection with nature will be delighted by the fact that the entire western coast of Istria is rich in naturist oases, and the most famous of them is certainly Koversada, an islet in the immediate vicinity of Vrsar, connected to the mainland by a footbridge. Here you can really easily choose your ideal experience of enjoying sea activities, because on the islet you can find pebble, rocky, concrete, and sandy beaches, secluded coves or more populated ones, and there are also numerous accompanying facilities for both adults and children. The Blue Flag proudly flies on the beach as a sign of the perfect quality of the sea and the environment!

4. Zala, Island of Krk

The pebble beach of Zala is located in Stara Baška on the island of Krk. It is just over 100 meters long and accessible by walking, cycling, boat, and car, but for real adventurers, there is also a hiking trail over the hill with a magnificent view. During the off-season, you will easily find your peace here, but also refresh yourself in a great restaurant on the beach, but if you feel that there are perhaps too many people for your enjoyment, don’t despair. In the immediate vicinity, there are a number of coves, and we are sure that, with a little welcome exploration, you will find complete isolation for yourself and the person you want most in your company…

Zala, Island of Krk

5. Oprna, Island of Krk

The more inaccessible the beach, the greater the joy once it is discovered and conquered! You can reach the beach of Oprna near Stara Baška only by boat or narrow paths down the cliff, but you will find that the effort pays off as soon as you step on its warm sand and gravel, smell the pine, hear the call of the crystal-clear sea and immerse yourself in its healing embrace. Good things sometimes take a little work, don’t they?

Oprna, Island of Krk

6. Rab Blue Lagoon, Island of Rab

Near beautiful Lopar on the island of Rab, lovers of adventure and pure relaxation will find a series of incredibly beautiful, truly fairy-tale coves that form the blue lagoon of Rab and can only be accessed from the sea. The stunning turquoise sea with its reflecting bright white sand will enchant you at first glance, but give yourself time and effort to explore Čifnata, Armata, and Planka, as well, because each cove seems to be more beautiful than the one before. There are no amenities here, but what kind of amenities do you need when you’re in the middle of a real earthly paradise?

Rab Blue Lagoon, Island of Rab

7. Pokonji dol, Island of Hvar

Half an hour’s pleasant walk from the center of Hvar leads to the largest pebble beach on the island, which, in addition to the magnificent view and the clean, turquoise sea, offers plenty of amenities so that, from waking up in the morning to swimming at night, you don’t feel bored at any time. Whether you enjoy a chilled gin tonic on a beach lounger, feast on local specialties, or kayak to explore beautiful coves in the area, one thing is for sure—you will always have unforgettable summer holidays on the Pokonji dol beach.

Pokonji dol, Island of Hvar

8. Palmižana, Island of Hvar

The Paklinski Islands, which are scattered like emeralds at the entrance to the Hvar port, simply entice you to “island hopping” and, why not, explore them all, but start with the beautiful island of Palmižana, where a lot of adventures await you in a small area. Each cove hides a beautiful beach. On one of them, you can completely isolate yourself and get rid of all unnecessary clothes. On another one, you can dance into the night at the beach party. On the third one, you can enjoy fantastic seafood and meat specialties, and on the fourth one, you can taste the finest island wines, while finding some shade under the aromatic pines. A small but powerful—and utterly irresistible islet!

9. Cava, Dubrovnik

If you want to chill without any worries on the beach with “full equipment”, you will hardly find a better beach than Cava on the Dubrovnik peninsula of Lapad. The breathtaking view of the sea and the islet of Daksa will rest your eyes, and for all other senses, there is the VIP lounge of the fantastic Coral Beach Club, an oasis of fun that turns into a superb restaurant in the evening, where you will continue your relaxing holiday under the stars with refreshing cocktails and tempting snacks.

Cava beach, Dubrovnik

10. Pasjača, Dubrovnik

The brightest of the Adriatic Sea jewels, Dubrovnik is known for its stunning architecture, abundance of events, and incomparably lavish offer. But even in such a thoroughly civilized tourist mecca, you can find the seclusion of the wilderness, where you can meditate in peace but also indulge in pure romance. Thirty kilometers from Dubrovnik, in the direction of Montenegro, lies one of the most beautiful, but also the strangest, Adriatic beaches, created by throwing stones during the Second World War. Over time, the stone crumbled and created a rather inaccessible but incredibly beautiful beach at the foot of the Konavle cliffs, which you simply have to visit while you still can. The sea slowly but surely carries away the sand, and the beach will one day simply disappear. The best thing to do is to visit it again this summer!

Pasjača beach, Dubrovnik

On the Croatian coast and the magical islands of the Adriatic, almost every cove is your new dream beach. Let the dream last, explore them all!

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